Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Darren Mack: Hero of the Resistance

Darren Mack's trial has begun.

As you all know Dmac is on trial for killing his bitch ex-wife and the mangina judge in his family court case. The courts committed a grave injustice against him so he was left on his own to get justice for himself.

Mangina judge Chuck Weller did not handle himself well on the stand at all. More updates will come later. I can't wait to read the feminist reactions to the trial of this one man who has taken up arms against the Matriarchy.


lucia vega said...

so its ok for a man too kill his wife in revenge,

is it ok for a woman to kill her husband in revenge too?

Otis the Sweaty said...

If a husband steals millions of dollars from his wife in divorce court then yes, it is okay for her to kill her husband and the judge that gave him the money