Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ron Paul: The Masculinist Canidate?

By now you probably have heard about Ron Paul... again and again and again. He doesn't get too much mainstream media coverage but he is the star of the internet. His campaign so far is kinda like Howard Dean meets Ross Perot. Internet driven with fanatical grassroots supporters who believe only he can save the country.

On matters of domestic policy, Paul is the only serious canidate who is serious about dismantling the Matriarchy. He also is actually honest, unlike everybody else in the race (except maybe Kucinich). But I cannot support him and actually am looking forward to voting against him. Why? Two reasons:

1. Foreign Policy: Paul is an isolationist/non-interventionist, meaning he doesn't want America to be all up in everybody's bieznass. I'm with him on that but he wants to immediately withdrawal from Iraq and I think that would be a huge mistake because Iraq would fall into civil war with devestating effects of the world oil market and consequently, the world economy. Gas prices are already way too high without making things even worse.

2. I dislike him personally and I absolutely revile his supporters. I know that sounds like a petty reason to be against somebody but you have to understand that when I say I "revile" his supporters, I am not engaging in hyperbole. I gueniunely have a white-hot hatred for his fans. They are so fucking annoying. I look forward to Paul losing in the primaries so I can witness their wailing and gnashing of teeth.

In conclusion I posted this because Ron Paul is an intriguing canidate and I'm tired of his piece of shit supporters, I also want to increase traffic to my blog and the very mention of "Ron Paul" is a sure fire way to do that.

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Ron Paul!

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