Monday, December 10, 2007

Something in "The Mist"

Well, Steven King's "The Mist" has been made in to a movie. When I read "The Mist" (TM from now on) I thought two things:
1. What the fuck?! That's the ending? What? Shit!
2. If done right, it could be one of the greatest movies ever made.

TM is a novella that was really meant to be a movie. I knew if it was a movie that it would be done poorly thus ruining it but it actually was done okay. All in all, it was a decent, entertaining movie with a horrendusly shitty ending. The ending of the book is frustrating but really great and chilling when you think about it.

things that kept the movie from being even a fraction as great as it could have been:

1. not true enough to the book: it was much truer to the book than I expected but it could easilly have been even more so. They added some week stuff and took some other stuff out for no reason. Bunch of baloney.
2. special effects were week, they should have used puppets, ala "Alien" to make the monsters more realistic
3. The ending, they should have kept the original kickass ending and ditched the shitty ass new ending which is stupid, unscary and makes no sense whatsoever.

King gave the movie his "kosher" stamp which proves that he is a woman loving faggot whore.

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