Monday, December 8, 2008

Manginas are worse

I have decided that manginas are worse than Feminists. I used to believe the opposite but a recent comment on feministing has turned me towards believing that manginas are actually even more obnoxious.

Okay, here's the deal: Feministing had a post complaining about this company that was offering a set of "brands" for meat products reading "Dad" and "Son". The idea is that I guess if a father and son are cooking out that they can use the branding irons to mark which piece of steak is theirs.

Now, granted, this is an incredibly stupid idea for a product but that wasn't Feministing's problem with it. No, they found it sexist because it implied that eating meat was manly and by not having an identical mother/daughter pair of brands the makers of the product were saying that women didn't really like steak and generally preferred vegetables.

But anyway, the real problem was in the comments section where this one mangina who never shuts up about his now 2 year old daughter said something like this, "I can imagine my daughter coming home from Brazillian Ju Jitsu practice when she is 13, wiping her sweat off with her Gi and saying, 'Give me the piece that's still bleeding'"

Here are the issues I have with his statement:
1. The phrase is "still breathing" you fucking dumbass. Not "still bleeding". You say you want your meat still breathing to indicate that it is so rare, you haven't even cooked it yet. What the hell could "still bleeding" possibly mean? Frickin' idiot. Only a total pussy mangina could make a mistake like that.
2. I don't give a shit how much BJJ your whore daughter takes, my skinny, couch potato ass will still be able to kick the living shit out of her and 99.9% of all women with one hand tied behind my back. This guy clearly wants his daughter to take BJJ so she can hold her own physically with guys but that will never happen. It's bad enough we have to put up with women claiming that they are our mental equals, but now we have people claiming that they are our physical equals too.

I read a lot of Feminist writing and they all uniformilly suck, but manginas like this one piss me off the most. And also, when you think about it, Feminists by themselves have never done any actual damage. It has all been done by their mangina allies.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Insecurity of cunts

Feministing had all their bitches post about things that they hated. It revealed that Feminists are more insecure than I realized. Let's go over some and see how they are all stupid cunts.

This is from Samhita's list:

9. Shops that don't carry larger than a size 8.

Why should a private business cater to your fat ass you stupid cunt?

8. Body hair removal.

What the fuck do you care if people get their body hair removed you dumb harlot?

5. Progressive men that do sexist shit.

You mean that you don't like it when liberal guys kiss your ugly ass insufficiently? Fuck you bitch.

4. The McCain/Palin ticket.

At least you mentioned McCain. You are a cunt.

3. Having my weight scrutinized by friends and family on a regular basis even though I am a grown ass woman and it is none of your business.

Maybe if you weren't such a fat ass they wouldn't worry about it so much

1. Dating.

I don't like dating either, which is why I DON'T FUCKING DO IT. Stop being a whiny cunt.

That's a wrap for Samhita, lets go on to the dumbass comentators.

I hate family commenting on my weight in the guise of "are you eating healthy at school? are you going to take a dance class?" aka "you look fat" and i get the same crap from my doctor, "you're healthy, but..."
Posted by Molly September 24, 2008 11:40 AM

Molly, it sounds like you are a fat ho.

About the weight issue--I hate it when I complain about my weight and my S.O. says "well I think you look beautiful." I understand he is trying to be sweet, but who the f cares what he thinks? It's not about what he thinks of's how I feel about myself. When will men realize it's NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THEM!?
Posted by Bee September 24, 2008 2:24 PM

Holy shit.

A smug asshole telling me, "don't you get it? you will ALWAYS be judged by the way you look".

Posted by Chartreus September 24, 2008 9:51 PM

That guy is the man.

5. The once a month weigh in over the phone. Mom or Dad: "How's your health? Have you put on any weight?" Me: "I'm 5 feet 2 inches and I weigh about 125 pounds, which is average! Why do you keep asking?" Mom or Dad: "Hmmm, be careful. Eat properly" Eh?!

125 at 5'2 is not average you fat ho bag.

10. Two words: "women's issues"
Posted by Courtney - September 18, 2008, at 04:35PM in Sexism

You may just be the biggest crybaby whore to ever live. Feminists are the ones who created "women's issues". You are a total cunt.

.4. Feeling ugly without makeup.

You are probably just as ugly with it.

7. Feeling too intimidated to confront certain people on their oppressive attitudes or actions

Haha, not so tough when you aren't online are you? Dumb bitch.

10. People who take non-stranger rapes less seriously.
Posted by MHeald September 18, 2008 5:04 PM

You mean, the entire planet?

7) "Should you really eat that? Aren't you afraid your husband won't love you if you get fat?"8) "Women don't think, they just feel." 9) "Why are you so angry? Don't you think that's unfeminine?"10) "Women are like children, and need to be treated accordingly."
Posted by JetGirl70 September 18, 2008 5:11 PM

Gimme a break, nobody has ever said any of those things to you.

And to think some men actually think girls/women like being whistled at!?
Posted by fourthwave September 18, 2008 5:31 PM

They do, but that isn't why we do it. We don't give a fuck what you do or don't like.

1. being told to have more of a sense of humor when i don't laugh at degrading jokes2. being treated like a novelty because of identifying as feminist3. people thinking me crossing my legs is an invitation to ask about my sexuality4. not being able to order a drink because the name is disgusting5. having to defend simple ideas like "rape is bad" or "racism exists"6. having privilege and not knowing what to do about it7. the "men's interest" and "women's interest" periodical sections in bookstores8. movie posters 9. having liberalism attributed to being young and wanting to be "different"10. being pressured to like sports or at least pretend like i like sports
Posted by Rob.William September 18, 2008 5:32 PM

Okay, Feministing, I love your site but please ban these manginas. They are pissing me the fuck off.

As for this guy, he is obviously both a douche and a mangina, but is he also a faggot? I can't tell from this post, I need more information.

5. Prank callers on the rape-crisis hotline
Posted by Katie September 18, 2008 5:36 PM

Okay, that's pretty bad.

Those Glade Plug-Ins ads.
Posted by BrittneyBush September 18, 2008 5:51 PM

This chick fucking rules, that was actually the only item on her list. Those adds are really annoying.

Being programmed to think I will never be good in math or science, because I am a girl.
Posted by Lelah September 18, 2008 6:22 PM

That statement should simply read "being programmed to never be good in math or science, because I am a girl"

i hate it when i'm having a conversation with a man i've recently met... Feminism comes up, i mention my passion for it, politely ask his views about the topic and he says:
"I'm a MAN, why would i be a feminist/why should i care about feminism/why should i care about sexism?".
Posted by iheartchai September 18, 2008 6:29 PM

Just a suggestion, don't EVER ask a man what he thinks about feminism.

6. Being told I'm acting embarrassingly and combatively after I protest when, in a restaurant, one male friend refers to some husband's rape of his wife in a movie as "not really rape, because you could tell she kind of enjoyed it." Or when, in another restaurant, another male friend likened his sister to "a Muslim woman" for her subservience in relationships.

How dare he be politically incorrect. Fuck you bitch.

8. Women not winning enough shit! Like book deals, record contracts, presidencies and Pulitzers!

Women win way too much shit that they don't deserve. Women are incompetant and worthless.

9. When at work (I'm a reporter), avoiding calling the female lawyers on cases because I know pretty well that they're probably associates or in any case not lead counsel.
Posted by everybodyever September 18, 2008 6:33 PM

See, even you secretly know that women are incompetent and worthless.

3. women being devalued, denigrated, sexualized,insulted, etc., in movies. Not every female role has to revolve around men or titillating men!

Yes they do

5. women who feel threatened by other women, and the moments of weakness when I do as well.

Posted by funkygroove September 18, 2008 6:57 PM

9. People who complain about the movie not being exactly like the book.
Posted by Toni September 18, 2008 7:04 PM

That one's pretty funny too. I do that all the time though.

5. Feeling too shy or outgunned to call people on their racist, sexist bullshit when I hear it. As if I'm the one with something to hide.
Posted by AnnaBella September 18, 2008 7:08 PM

You are. The last thing you need is your family and friends figuring out that you are a feminist cunt.

As a guy who recently learned that I has been far more sexist than I'd like to live with and has decided to change I'd just like say:
1. I have called some of my friends and peers "honey" or "sweetie" before. I'm sorry, I really am, some of my friends and I do still refer to each other like this but it is was sexist of me to assume others wouldn't find it patronizing. 2. I have made gay jokes, I used to think it was just a simple joke, luckily a friends of mine who is a gay student representative at my university helped enlighten me.3. I am still afraid to call myself a feminist, and I hate that.
and as for something that I could do without, being told I am not a feminist because I am a straight, white male and that I only say that for attention. It couldn't at all be because I respect my mother, sister and close friends and feel they deserve fair and equal treatment, no not at all.
Posted by cdstacker September 18, 2008 7:55 PM

Please kill yourself.

Re: "Smile." Oooh, that one makes me absolutely livid. The last guy who said that to me made me so incoherently angry that I shouted "I want to shoot you in your motherfucking face!!!1" Uhh... what an odd thing for me to say to someone. I'm not a violent person and have never held a gun, but "smile" really, really gets to me in a way that not many other things do.
I am not a decoration in a man's landscape.
Posted by lal46 September 18, 2008 11:59 PM

Yes you are, and that's all you are. Cunt.

1). Being told that feminists are just interested in sex.2). Being told I can't be a feminist as a man.3). Being distrusted because I'm male.4). Sexual assault, sexual harassment, patriarchy, etc.5). Feeling like I need to prove that not ALL men are sexist, chauvinist, potential rapists, etc.6). Having an extremely enlightened female friend say that I exhibit characteristics of 'progressive white male syndrome' (whatever the hell that is).7). Any term of endearment from any stranger.8). Leftwing sanctimony: Enough with 'making the world for a better place for our children' spiel; if you want to make the world a better place for your children, don't f*$kn' have any! 7 Billion people is enough!9). People expecting me to know everything because of my gender or ethnicity.10). Not being able to find enough feminist friends (of either/any gender) in supposedly progressive Seattle.
Posted by Devin September 19, 2008 12:34 AM

Kill yourself.

My Top Ten (Teen) Dating:1. Guys who think it’s “cute” that I’m “causey.” Or “interesting” that I am a feminist.2. Guys who lose interest when they discover that I would never want biological children, and that if I got pregnant would put the child up for adoption or force the father to take complete custody. I just hate having guys think that it’s wrong or weird--I’M SEVENTEEN!!! OF COURSE I DON’T WANT BABIES. I also feel that it is unfair that they think I am “cold” for wanting to put a career above settling down and having a family. Double standard much... And I think they are a bigger freak for making that a disqualification at our young age.3. Somehow managing to be a slut simply because I know more about sex than my guy friends. Which is kind of funny in and of itself because 1. I am a virgin, and 2. I am a virgin because I don’t want any of the nasty diseases that are going around.4. Being called “easy” for any of the following:Kissing on the first date. REALLY PEOPLE! COME ON! It’s a kiss. GET OVER IT!Having the audacity to ask the boys out.Being a flirt. I like to flirt. That means nothing besides I like to flirt.The mentality that doing anything makes me easy. The term itself makes it sound like anyone and everyone has access to my body. Somehow that smacks of rape culture. My body not being mine, but instead public property--the assumption that anyone can touch it. It just makes me really angry. And to quote the Hulk--you won’t like me when I’m angry.I am sick of guys calling girls sluts for being sexually active and patting their guy friends on the back for their sexual exploits.I am tired of guys saying I am “kinky” because I enjoy an intelligent conversation about sex and will discuss any form, style, orientation, choice, disease, etc. the same way I might discuss the latest releases at a theater. Just because I am open with a discussion on it does not mean that I am doing. Nor should we condemn those who chose to do it. I am just really tired of people being assumptive arseholes.I am sick of getting messages that guys thought they sent to their friends about me that prove they are just yet another jerkface. I am even sick of those messages that I don’t mistakenly recieve, but know they exist. I am sick that guys feel they have the right to talk about another HUMAN that way. I am sick of guys bragging about how they might “get somewhere with this one.”5. Guys who tell me that I am hot but not worth dating. Because I am:Too intimidating.Too independent. It just wouldn’t work.I’m fun, but I’m not girlfriend material.I’m a little too “easy.” For kissing too soon. I would love to hear that one in a Sleeping Beauty context. She didn’t even talk to the guy or agree to a scam, and she got kissed. Oh, right. Girls can’t initiate it. Because that is being “forward.”6. The fact that I am strong and independent and don’t need a boyfriend to complete me and make me feel better about myself making me undateable. Also the fact that I have an ego, am self-assured, and know that I am gorgeous and intelligent and sexy working against me. I like my confidence. If you don’t shove it. I also don’t like being told I am beautiful by guys too often--I want people to like me because I am fun, have a great sense of humor, and am intelligent--not because there is an eleven inch difference between my bust and my waist.7. Shallow guys. Especially ugly shallow guys. Especially nerdy ugly shallow guys.8. Guys who think that because I was flirting with them I am automatically going to say yes to a date.9. Creepy old men stalkers. Especially creepy old men stalkers who want a relationship and we could “work out” the fact that I have parents. And that I am a minor. Plus that they ignore that I have told them I am uninterested because they are too old because I am apparently I am young and “don’t know what I want,” and will realize I want a “real man” and want to date them. Puke now.10. The inability to find a guy who can withstand the stregnth of my personality and not be patronizing about it.
Posted by Shopgirl152 September 19, 2008 12:42 AM

Okay, listen to me girl, you got problems. That's all I'm gonna say.

6. My Mom giving my husband the bigger plate of food( he is a man so he needs to eat more).
Posted by penny rose September 19, 2008 1:15 AM

Or maybe because he's FUCKING BIGGER THAN YOU? Maybe she knows that he FUCKING EATS MORE THAN YOU DO?

4. Having to explain to otherwise reasonably feminist people that it's not okay to suggest that rape victims bring it on themselves by comparing a woman who gets raped because she was alone and/or provocatively dressed to a man who gets mugged because he walked in a bad neighbourhood.

It's the exact same thing

5. Not being able to feel safe when walking alone in the dark, even when it's still early and I'm walking along busy main roads.

I think it's funny
Posted by wavesandmoon September 19, 2008 2:08 AM

There's more of this endless crap, but that's enough for right now

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Lie of Black Feminism

Question: Is Feminism just for snooty white women or is it also for "women of color", particularly black women?

Answer: It is just for white women.

but wait a minute, aren't there black Feminists?

No. No, there are not.

We saw this in the Democratic primary. ALL white Feminists supported Hillary Clinton, who is seen by them as a Feminist icon. Did black women follow suit? No, of course they didn't, they supported Obama and frequently attacked Hillary supporters as entitled white girls who just didn't get it.

This is because whereas white Feminists see themselves first and foremost as women, black Feminists see themselves first and foremost as black. That means that it is impossible for a black woman to ever be a true Feminist, which means that Feminism really is exclusively for bitchy white women.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Billy Jean King sucks

This isn't original, for an MRA to be mocking the whole Billie Jean King v Bobby Riggs match but I'm doing it anyway.

I think that Billie Jean King was/is a feminist cunt. A lot of people seem to believe she is a lezzie but as far as I know she is actually bi-sexual, which is even more gross.

Bobby Riggs really let us all down by losing the match. I want you to keep something in mind, this match took place in the 70's, so the social climate was totally different than today. If this match took place today everybody would be like: so? Even the hardcore feminist bitches probably wouldn't be able to do anymore than just fake some interests.

The 70's was the peak of the women's movement. The United States was an egiltarian country before the arrival of the Matriarchy in the 70's. Men were noticing feminism and becoming annoyed by it but at the end of the day it was still a bad joke to them. It was no joke to women though and a Bobby Riggs victory would have been a true slap in their face. It wouldn't have made any difference in the long run but it would have been funny.

The King-Riggs match is almost symbolic of the whole feminist movement. Men (Riggs) underestimated the seriousness of these uppity cunts (King) and have ended up losing at something we are exponitially better in. An in shape Bobby Riggs beats King 100 out of 100 times, even at age 55, but Riggs underestimated her and was caught off guard. Men beat women at everything 100 out of 100 times if we are on equal footing but when we get complacent women can sneak in a victory over us. That is how feminism succeeded, it caught us flat footed. Things are changing though. They are changing slowly, but changing nontheless.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Heavyweights 6 through 10

6. Jack Johnson: at ~6'1 and 208lbs he would be small by today's standards but was so fast and skilled that I don't see his lack of size hurting him too bad, or at all actually. Great fighter but since fighters back then basically sucked he had pretty weak opposition. He reminds me a lot of a bigger, stronger and faster version of Jersey Joe Walcott who gave an aged Joe Louis fits and had Rocky Marciano beat until getting clobbered by a huge right in the 13th round (which was the same round that Louis caught him in as well, 13 was definately an unlucky number for Jersey Joe).

7. Lennox Lewis: 6'5 240lbs. Big and very strong with crushing power in his right hand. Didn't really get the respect he was due until the Holyfield fights and the Holyfield he beat was past his prime but Lewis is still an all time great fighter. Great longevity at the top.

8. Sonny Liston: 6'0 1/2 212lbs. Big, scary, huge fists, long reach and a great jab, this guy absolutely cleaned out the division in the late 50's early 60's and punctuated his run with two crushing 1st round kayo's of Floyd Patterson.

9. Jack Dempsey: 6'1 187lbs. I really didn't want to put a guy this small and with such shitty comp on the list but I don't think this is a ridiculous rank for him. He had the ability to fight in a lot of different styles and beat some good big guys in Jess Willard and Angel Firpo in addition to absolutely destroying every white fighter in the division on his way up.

10. Joe Frazier: 5'11 205lbs. It's the loss to Foreman that really hurts his legacy but his other accomplishments are so great that he needs to be on this list. Foreman was a terrible match up for him. The other guys on this list could have all found a way to beat Foreman (I'm not saying they would, but it's possible), but if Frazier fought Foreman 100 times he would get knocked out within the first 3 rounds 100 times. Still a hell of a fighter though.

Rocky (Marciano) does not make this list as a basically view him as a less effective version of Smokin' Joe. I love the Rock, but I don't see him in the top 10.

p.s.: I'm pretty confident in having picked the 10 best heavyweights but I am not confident at all about the order I have put them in.

"Girl Power" feminism

anyway, sorry this is late, let's talk about "girl power"

Girl Power feminism takes on the whole feminist ideal of "empowerment" but instead of adopting masculine values they keep up and sometimes even hype of the femininity. It is kind of a wierd contrast but it exists in about 70 percent of women in the west.

Girl Power feminists will almost always deny being feminists, they are usually in the the "I'm not a feminist, but..." camp. While Girl Power feminists do not necessarily dress and act like sluts, they usually do (which is good!) and they also see their sexuality as part of their power. Men are generally viewed as Neandrathals who more or less think exclusively with their dicks so they can be manipulated with sex, and most Girl Power feminists think that women are actually more intelligent than men to begin with.

Whereas a real Feminist spends all her time coming up with imaginary grievances against an imaginary Patriarchy that oppresses them, Girl Power feminists recognize the Matriarchy and use it to cash in. But they do not see the Matriarchy as having been created and upheld by mangina slave soldiers but rather by other "kick butt" women like themselves. They are delusional, and in several ways.

These Girl Power feminists think that Charlie's Angels and Alias are real life. What I mean is that they think young, nominally attractive* girls can beat the living shit out of several NFL sized brutes at the same time, let alone an average guy. Have you ever seen a girl play fighting with her boyfriend? Well let me clue you in on something that may shock you: when you see a girl play fighting with a guy, she doesn't know that he isn't trying.

I know how ridiculous that sounds but it is the truth. When you see a girl "beat up" her boyfriend she thinks that she just beat him up for real. Of course, she was "going easy on him" as well so you can imagine how bad the poor guy would have been thrashed had she actually been trying! Girls/women are totally clueless as to how physically weak they are.

My brothers girlfriend wanted to fight me once (in a friendly match, not to hurt me or anything) and I said I was willing to but told her she stood no chance because she couldn't even hang with my brother. She answered that she regularly beat my brother up in their play fights. I said, yeah, because he was not trying at all. She answered that yes he was. I was in disbelief that anyone could be so out of touch with reality so I told her, go ask him if he was trying. She asked him and was gueniunely shocked when he responded that ofcourse he wasn't trying to do anything except not hurt her.

This was not a uniquely dumb girl (she was actually unusually smart for a girl), all Kick Butt, Girl Power feminists are like this. Girl Power feminists genuinely believe themselves to be superior to guys, real Feminists make up excuses as to why they appear to be inferior. Real Feminists are much more in touch with reality and much less obnoxious.

in conclusion, all women are awful.

*none of the Charlie's Angels were actually hot. Lucy Lui: no. Cameron Diaz: God no. Drew Barrymore: nope, although she was pretty fuckin' fine in her cameo in Batman Forever. Jennifer Garner from Alias is okay, but nothing to write home about.

Friday, April 4, 2008


anybody ever see this Showtime series called "Californication"

It stars David Duchovny playing the man he obviously wishes he was: a wiseass, womanizing writer. Sort of a dehydrated, grown up Holden Caufield on steroids. The guy is a jerk on the surface but also deep down loves the women in his life and all women in general. He is not a macho brute but at the same time is willing to throw down, particularly if the one of the women he loves are attacked or insulted. He's smart, witty, handsome (hell he's played by David Duchovny, don't get much more handsome than that, and I know that sounds gay) and masculine but in a "loveable", overgrown teenager way. And he is filthy rich, his fortune coming from his career as a brilliant writer. In short: he is the kind of guy that virtually every woman who isn't either a Feminist or a lezzie fantasizes about as their imaginary perfect guy.

The last part isn't meant to be an attack on woman but rather on Duchovny who obviously has based his whole fantasy alter ego on being the "perfect man" according to the standards of entitled bitchy women. But that is neither here nor there, I don't really give a shit about Duchovny's pathetic self image but I do give a shit about the "girl power" feminism that the show promotes.

First let me comment on the show, it is okay, not great, but okay. That said, on to the feminism of the show.

As I have explained in so many words before there are two main brands of feminism:

1. Strait feminism: these include everything from NOW to SCUM and make up over 25 percent of all Western women

2. Girl Power "kick butt" post-modern feminism: This category takes up about 70 percent of all women, and is much, much worse.

I have to go but will talk more about all of this later