Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top 10 Heavyweights

Hear is my opinion of the 10 best heavyweights to ever fight in boxing. Modern boxing begain in 1892 and continues to the present.

1. Muhammed Ali (6'3 210lbs.): This guy could do it all. His most impressive accomplishments came long after his prime had ended. He was not immortal, nobody is, but he was the best of all time. He had the style to win any kind of fight.

2. Joe Louis (6'1.5 200lbs.): at 200lbs he might seem a little small by todays standards but size, while a factor, is grotesquly overrated. In the heavyweight division size is only an advantage to a point, then it becomes a detriment. Louis was an excellent technician and had brutal power with amazingly quick hands. I'd take Ali to beat him but if anybody could upset "The Greatest" it's him.

3. George Foreman (6'3.5 225lbs.): Probably the most physically impressive fighter ever. This guy was just a beast. He absolutely destroyed some great fighters. In his first career he just didn't have the maturity and confidence to get it done. Very few people rank him this high but I believe that while his accomplishments are that great (relatively speaking) that at his peak he really was that good of a fighter.

4. Mike Tyson (5'11 218lbs.): In his prime he was something to behold, sort of a hybrid of Joe Louis and Joe Frazier. He destroyed very big, very strong fighters before he began his rather rapid collapse. He probably could have been the greatest heavyweight ever but like Foreman, mental issues prevented him from achieving his full potential.

5. Evander Holyfield (6'2 215lbs): If he and Mike had met in their respective primes I don't think Holyfield would have won, but he might have. A great fighter who almost undoubtably used steroids to muscle up. Not overwhelmingly powerful but tough and with no glaring weaknesses.

I'll post 6-10 later, don't feel like it now

Feminist lays down the law

Here is a comment from an uppity feminist bitch responding to some article about how Feminists should deal with MRA's or something. Since she is a woman, she has to go on endlessly but I did kind of like her comment/essay and it provides an interesting look into Feminist inspired paranoia and psychosis. She does make at least one very good point. Like I said, I'm starting to respect Feminists a little more after seeing "What Women Want" and am now more into general anti-womanism then true anti-feminism. Anyway, here is the ho's pseudo article thingy:

Could you be friends with someone who looked on you as less than human? No, because even if you thought you were friends with him, he wouldn’t think of you as a friend: you can only be friends with your equals, and an anti-feminist man does not think of women as equals.
You said it, Jes.
This is why I cannot even “be friends with” or at this point, even tolerate the RL company of conservative guys, even the ones I used to think of as friends for all my past life as a conservative anti-feminist woman.

I've never trusted supposed female "anti feminists". There are very few women who aren't feminists. It doesn't take much to turn a modern woman into a Feminist.

And why I won’t date the meo-lib sexist guys, even the “nice” ones I run into who I can at least talk with, after I find out that they think that feminism is as bad as male chauvinism, that women aren’t really discriminated against in the workplace, that everything really *is* equal and we should just stop talking about the past or “exaggerating” the problems we face because most guys aren’t like that and my experiences of decades of sexism at school, at home, at work and out and about are invalid, why I am resolutely and almost certainly permanently single.

Sounds like a future dyke to me. She is correct about modern liberal guys. First of all, all political liberals suck. Second of all while modern "nice guys" are huge mangina woman lovers they are not man hating Feminists, and are not sympathetic with man-hating feminism. They find it threatening. It is unsurprising that a man-hater cannot find a man. Were I interested in relationships with women myself I would have to drop my woman-hating. People don't want to be in a relationship with somebody who hates their sex.

Because how can I *engage* with (much less be engaged *to*) someone who does not consider me to be a full person?

::buzzer sound:: You got it all wrong missy. I talk to guys of all walks of life all the time and I can guarantee you that very, very few men really consider women less than them. Sure on some basic level they know that men are superior but they respect women and like to see them accomplish things and show men up. They criticize chauvinists (like me) for being "insecure". Most men are guenuine woman lovers who only really consider themselves superior to women in terms of physical size and strength. I wish this wasn't the truth but it is. It isn't my opinion, it is a fact.

Who actually *says* and argues and thinks it’s reasonable to - as so many conservative intellectuals do, and have said so *in my presence* - to believe that “women have less being” than men, and engage in all kinds of pretzel-logic sophistry to explain why they’re not really bigots, it’s just that women aren’t as good as men

Alright, this I like. This bitch is doing something even 95% of men can't do: she is calling a spade a spade and saying, "no more bullshit". This chick does not tolerate double talk. She is no bullshit, just business. I respect that.

- or we’re good in “different” ways, so it’s fine to shove us out of the spheres we try to enter if we’re too stupid to know our place, ‘equal but separate,” doncha know–

Yeah, I hear that. This whole "women belong at home" thing is baloney. Some women would be happy with that kinda life but some women are as driven as some men and they got every right to go out there and compete. If they start bitching about "opression" or talking about how "independent" and "equal" they are then they deserve a smack across the face. Nobody wants to hear that shit. But if they get the job done they deserve respect, and they will get it.

If I know that a man thinks of me as some cross between a servo-droid, a collie dog and a piece of fudge, how can I discuss anything with him except on the most superficial level? Everything he says is tainted with that “yes but you belong segregated, your value is between your legs, nothing you say means as much as the dumbest XY git’s beery drivelings” - and most of them do, as evidenced by the belief that I should be complimented when told that “you’re not like most girls, wow, you’re almost as good as a man at X!”

That is not at all how most guys think. Even I don't think about women in nearly so condescending a fashion. Let's say you fix something and I man says "wow, most girls can't do that", its because in his experience most girls can't fix shit and he is impressed that you have blown his stereotype. Stereotypes aren't based on nothing.

The only way to be treated as person at all is to unsex yourself, like Lady Macbeth

In college my mom wrote a paper about how Lady MacBeth was a great feminist and a true heroine who was trying to get ahead in a patriarchal time. Her professor gave her an F and said it was the worst paper he ever read.

- and that is a very limited and impermanent sort of state, where (as happens to me regularly) the “chivalrous” guys, many of them vets, will apologize for even mentioning, oh, Korean bargirls and massages in Thailand, if they happen to be talking “guy stuff” together without realizing I was in earshot. Because I present as somewhere between “not-woman” and “good girl” (I fix computers, but I’m not very “butch” looking), they feel ashamed for sullying/insulting me with the consciousness that I’m one of those disgusting-but-yummy She-Things, as if I were non-white or gay and heard them talking about “those ___s” and they hastened to assure me that “you’re not like the rest of them”.

Well, she does have a point but she is reading too much in to it. If they are saying overtly sexist stuff that is one thing but if they are just talking about chicks they banged then apologizing is just the gentlemenly thing to do cause they understand you might be uncomfortable hearing that shit. Girls talk about guys the same way so you really are off base. It isn't the same thing as racism.

And that’s as good as it’s going to get, and better than the usual. The women who present as femmy, and worse yet are openly sexual, talking about their boyfriends or ex-husbands or movie-star fantasy boytoys in the typical Cosmo style, get treated like shit, put down constantly as stupid, as well as slutty/predatory, and having to hear coarse male fantasies directed at them (”all in good fun”), everywhere I’ve worked. And they eat that shit and smile and come back for more, because they’re not feminists, and they don’t know any other way to be.

Good point. They probably like it though. And I guarantee you those kind of women are far and away the most uppity. I hate bitches like that (i.e. almost all women). I'd rather work with a bitter dyke like you.

Maybe - if you excise *all* discussion of anything that pertains to half the human race’s interactions with the other half, yes the male chauvinists make some good points about something once in a while. Nothing says that somone can’t be sexist pig and a good meteorologist, frex.
But why would I, or any woman, want to be around that voluntarily, and obliged to pretend to be happy and content with it? Constantly ignoring piles of steaming elephant dung gets old very quickly, and biting one’s tongue because one is not allowed to point out that there is an elephant in the living room leaving turds everywhere leaves one with a very sore tongue very fast.

I thought that part was pretty weak.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

For the Ladies: How to Attract a Guy

MRA's are often just bitter men who have flopped at relationships and place their failures at the feet of women. One frequent complaint they will make is that Western women ignore "nice guys" like them and instead go with total jerks. On that I have two points:
1. It is a mostly a myth
2. If you really were a "nice guy" you wouldn't blame women for the fact that you haven't been able to find one. This complaint is a contradiction within itself.

Anywayz... I was thinking about this subject so I decided to look up advice on the internet for men looking to attract girls and for girls looking to attract guys. The advice for guys was pretty gay, often self contradictory and just not really accurate but the advice for girls was absolutely pitiful. The advice to girls is absolutely all over the place: act stupid, act smart, be slutty, be un-slutty, be nice, be mean, be confident, act helpless, be a flirt, be shy, etc.

Enough is enough. If you are a girl trying to figure out how to attract a guy there is only ONE thing you can do. And it is none of the above, none are even close. You have a crush on a guy who doesn't even notice you? This is what you can do:


That's right, nothing. If a guy is not feeling you there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that. Now if he is a gueniunely nice guy and he isn't out of your league then you can still get him by becoming friends with him and then maybe you can get him to develop an interest in you over time, but if you think there is a way you can dress, or act, or talk that will get an otherwise uninterested guy to fall for you... well, that isn't going to happen.

There, I saved you a lot of wasted time and aggravation. No need to thank me, charity is it's own reward.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Women Cunt

This hilarious title was a play on the title of the Mel Gibson movie "What Women Want".

I didn't get to see the whole thing which was unfortunate cause it really wasn't that bad. At least the parts that I saw that is. It's about this sexist guy (Gibson) who somehow develops telepathy but can only read the thoughts of women. Now even I think that would be a cool ass power to have. If for no other reason than you could tell if chicks were in to you or not. But I digresss...

Anyway, I thought the movie was going to be feminist propaganda but it really wasn't. Instead it was just woman propaganda, which I have decided is much more offensive. I have redone the heiarchy of people in the following order:

Masculinists>Woman lovers>Man lovers>Feminists>Manginas>Women

Women are so gay it is not even funny. Atleast Feminists are upfront about where they are at and aren't such hypocritical pieces of dog shit. Feminists tend to be angry and delusional but relatively rational by woman standards. Plain women on the other hand just suck. They think they are so cool. Let's say you get in a (verbal) fight with a Feminist; chances are she won't threaten you with violence and she won't restort to shaming language as quick as do other women. Here is a typical verbal fight with a true feminist:

Me: women are gay
Feminist: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Me: Men make more money than women because we are smarter
Feminist: blah blah blah blah blah
Me: Most rapes are imaginary
Feminist: blah blah blah
Me: Hm... I never thought of it that way, thank you for this enlightening debate
Feminist: blah

Here on the other hand is a fight with a plain woman:

Me: women are gay
Woman: What?! Women are the shit! Women are so great! I will kick your ass!
Me: Men make more money than women because we are smarter
Woman: You are just a little boy! You are not a real man! You probably have a small dick! You are ugly! You can't get laid! You are gay!
Me: oh brother...
::by this point the woman will have gone into the emotional overload stage where she will just endlessly repeating the same insults/threats over and over::
Me: this is stupid ::I walk away::
::the woman keeps going on like the energinizer bunny, either oblivious or indifferent to the fact that I am no longer in her presence and cannot hear her blabbering. After she calms down she starts crying. Why the hell are women always crying?::