Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top 10 Heavyweights

Hear is my opinion of the 10 best heavyweights to ever fight in boxing. Modern boxing begain in 1892 and continues to the present.

1. Muhammed Ali (6'3 210lbs.): This guy could do it all. His most impressive accomplishments came long after his prime had ended. He was not immortal, nobody is, but he was the best of all time. He had the style to win any kind of fight.

2. Joe Louis (6'1.5 200lbs.): at 200lbs he might seem a little small by todays standards but size, while a factor, is grotesquly overrated. In the heavyweight division size is only an advantage to a point, then it becomes a detriment. Louis was an excellent technician and had brutal power with amazingly quick hands. I'd take Ali to beat him but if anybody could upset "The Greatest" it's him.

3. George Foreman (6'3.5 225lbs.): Probably the most physically impressive fighter ever. This guy was just a beast. He absolutely destroyed some great fighters. In his first career he just didn't have the maturity and confidence to get it done. Very few people rank him this high but I believe that while his accomplishments are that great (relatively speaking) that at his peak he really was that good of a fighter.

4. Mike Tyson (5'11 218lbs.): In his prime he was something to behold, sort of a hybrid of Joe Louis and Joe Frazier. He destroyed very big, very strong fighters before he began his rather rapid collapse. He probably could have been the greatest heavyweight ever but like Foreman, mental issues prevented him from achieving his full potential.

5. Evander Holyfield (6'2 215lbs): If he and Mike had met in their respective primes I don't think Holyfield would have won, but he might have. A great fighter who almost undoubtably used steroids to muscle up. Not overwhelmingly powerful but tough and with no glaring weaknesses.

I'll post 6-10 later, don't feel like it now


Monad said...

Honestly, you evil masculists have held back women since time immemorial. We could have been amongst the world champion boxers (having superiorly pummeled many an unworthy male opponent, with his hands tied behind his back in the name of equality), yet the evil Patriarchy has undermined our choice to be professional boxers.

Gender is a social construct, and we will prevail over you evil monsters of men (purely monsters from social conditioning, though it would be convenient for it to be due to your innate inferiority). Damn, why is feminist theory so contradictory? ...oops, I'm not supposed to admit that, am I?

Anyway, its all you men's fault for the way the world is, all the violence and poverty is because of you males, and just because you invented most everything on the planet, we women know that if you had let us take over as a Matriarchy, the world would be living in peace, we may be living in grass huts (this is the only thing we would allow you to invent), though everyone would be wrapped up in cotton wool, safe and sound (even though cotton wool would not be invented).

In short the world would be far superior in this state, even if we had little time to run the Matriarchy because we spent most of our time gathering berries to feed the useless men who merely throw a few spears at the wildlife.

Male Rights Network said...

A lot of confusion coming out there from Monad. I can only assume they are being serious and are pro-feminist. We can clearly see the female tendency towards anarchism and naturism shining through.

Women (by and large) = Commies?

Monad said...
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Monad said...

I'M NOT CONFUSED, MRN, your just intimidated by a 'strong and independent' woman, who only needs her child support payments (from three different fathers), her female-only scholarship to study the enemy at college, and work as a stripper before I marry a rich feminist man, who will defer to me until I am bored of him, where I will divorce him and take him to the cleaners.

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MarkyMark said...

I liked Ali too. I remember watching a rerun of his 1964 fight with Sonny Liston on ESPN Classic. He was awesome! My favorite part was when he talked shit after the fight; he had this mischievous twinkle in his eye as if he KNEW he was talkin' shit, yet everyone lapped it up anyway. He was one of a kind...