Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Attacking the Manginas

It's hard being a Masculinist, ya know? You got so many groups of enemies: women, other MRA's who are total idiots, woman lovers (most men fit this category) and hardcore Manginas. Woman lovers are best just ignored and idiot MRA's should only be occasionally taken to task. But the Manginas are tricky: on one hand, they are gay as shit... but on the other hand, they are still men so they are not the real enemy. In fact, you could make the case that Manginas are the Matriarchy's biggest victims.

That said, they can't be ignored and I am going to have to engage in some mangina bashing now, but I will preface my comments by saying that women are evil and worthless and are the true villians.

Aight, here's the deal. On Feministing there was this article about some ho who was sexually assaulted in a bar. What makes this different from the typical sexual assault is that the other guys in the bar either cheered on the act or ignored it. Supposedly this proves that women are opressed or that all men are rapist or that... well, I'm not exactly sure what it is supposed to prove but you get the idea. Here are select mangina comments in bold:

Hmm... I like to think that I'd do something in that situation, but I have never really been there myself. Some kid did pull a pocketknife on me in elementary school. As I recall I laughed it off and walked away; but that was just some kid on the schoolyard that I knew, not a stranger in a bar.
Closest is when a woman I go to school with caught up to me outside the train after having some guy grope her and follow her off the car (we were all going to a field trip that day, just recently). It is the only time I've made a serious and sincere offer to beat somebody, which in retrospect I'm not too proud of.
The guy did have a knife in this case, and that does change things... but as pointed out, it is a bar with plenty of heavy things around to swing about. I actually know a bit about defending against a knife and how to swing heavy things about to do some damage, but it's all in the head.
What I guess I'm trying to say is it's not something you know how you're going to react to until you're in the situation. Sitting back and laughing... that is something I can say for sure I wouldn't do.
Posted by: Matthew

Wow, what a flaming mangina. You threatened to beat another guy up on the say so of a woman? What a huge douche you are. He is now saying he isn't "proud" of his gayness but I suspect he probably is but just knew that such talk would not be well taken by the woman posters. Posts like this make me actually feel bad for feminists because they have to tolerate patronizing jackasses like this clown.

I've been in a situation similar to this before (though not with a knife as a potential weapon), and my experience was that if you at least challenge or confront the attacker, then other men will normally follow, or at least back you up if you are genuinely trying to stop this type of situation.
For all of them to just sit there and (presumably) keep drinking their beer without doing or say anything doesn't suggest a lot to me other than the fact they just didn't give a shit.
Posted by:

Give this mangina props for his straight shooting approach. It is correct and he is at least implying that the other men in the bar did the right thing by not coming to the woman's aid. Remember, never side with a woman over a man! That's the rule.

"So, there is this lockerroom trick where you get a guys underwear off of him without taking his pants off. It is not a sexual thing at all. Rough, humilating hazing, yes. Sexual, no. It just looked like this might be like that. If in the main article, she wouldn't even talk to the guy afterward, then not a friendly thing."
Perhaps you are missing the point that even male on male, unwanted contact could be legally considered battery. Even the threat of contact would be assault. Boys injuring or even killing another playing "pro wrestler" at home is also not considered a joke.
Maybe you would understand how being interested in a woman's panties (ie opposite gender) or removing them at knifepoint, makes it sexual. A sexual assault. This will be aided by her statement and testimony. I hope she makes it that far.
Yeah, I guess it was unfriendly. Hence the arrests and charges. The police seem to believe her, even if some men here do not. I really hope your daughters never have "jokey" "friends" like these. I have a daughter. I would track them down and kill them.
Posted by: A male

This guy is such a mangina he is actually posting under the name "a male". What a loser. He is also openly admitting he would side with his daughters over a man who rapes them. Not acceptable. If my sister ever got raped she would know better than to come to me for help because I know that most rapes are imaginary and that she is just trying to frame an innocent man. It is pathetic how willing men are to sell out other men for the benifit of women.

I'm a bartender, and the bar I work at can be pretty rough and tumble, and you know, I simply cannot believe that this woman would simply sit back and watch an assault happen. Like other posters have said, it is her JOB to keep order in the bar, and that's why tough feminist chicks like myself seem to be best for the job. At the very least she should have called the police, while telling the attackers that's what she was doing. In my experience, sometimes all you need to do to calm people down is pick up the damn phone. As for having to deal with those customers again, that kind of behavior is absolutely grounds for being 86'd for life. The bartender is the figure of authority in the bar, and usually people listen to me no matter how heated they are. And if they don't, and I don't have a bouncer in, I call the police. It works every time.

I'm disgusted.
Posted by: Alexandra

Tough feminist chicks like herself? Jesus, what a bunch of bullshit. Yeah it takes a lot of balls to call the police or the bouncer. What a dumb ass ho.

Men don't help women because they just don't give a shit about women. The guys here who are trying to make it seem like a joke---88 or whomever---would probably be right there, cheering or blaming if it happened in front of them, unless it was their 'property.' Guys care what other guys think about them. They don't give a shit about women at all.
Posted by: ginmar

The triumphant return of ginmar! Seriously, this chick must have even less of a life I do since she seems to make about 100 posts a day each on about 50 different blogs. As for her point: if only it were so, Ginny. If only it were so.

Been away for awhile, being hit by a car and breaking your neck doesn't leave you up for being online, but, I have to comment here on a few things.
First, a whole article is rarely posted to this blog, BUT the link to the whole article ALWAYS is, if you want to read, go and read it.
Second, sexual assault is not funny when it is committed by a man against a woman, man against a man, woman against a woman, or woman against a man. If this had happened to a man, I would be the first one to stand up and say that it was fucked up.
I have a male friend who was raped by a woman. He is too ashamed to tell anyone but me for fear of being made fun of and that makes me sad. No one deserves that.
Posted by: SassyGirl

A woman cannot rape a man. Your friend is a lying sack of shit who was probably a woman in a past life.

Sorry the last two posts weren't manginas, I can never stay on topic. Feministing really needs to ban male posters, they are either ultra mangina's or idiots who are always like, "men get raped too!" as if anyone didn't know that. One problem with anti-feminism is that a lot of anti feminists have no real understanding of the ideology they claim to be against.

More Misogynist Fun!

Sorry about the long absence. I haven't posted in a while and my last couple posts didn't have anything to do with bashing women. But I am back!

For starters, let's go over some things that women are soley responsible for:

1. the extinction of the dinasours
2. the Ice Age
3. The fall of the Minoan Civilization
4. If Atlantis really existed, women are what caused it to be plunged into the sea
5. The fall of the Roman Empire
6. World War I
7. World War II
8. The Holocaust
9. A bunch of other shit

conclusion: women=bad

Sunday, December 16, 2007

N'kisi the parrot

N'kisi is a parrot who has been taught by his owner, Aimee Morgana, to actually use language to communicate. Unlike most parrots who just repeat random shit N'kisi can actually hold a conversation.

Controversial researcher Rupert Sheldrake has run an experiment and concluded that N'kisi is mildly telepathic with Miss Morgana. Whether this is true or not the very fact that Sheldrake is associated with the bird has caused a lot of other researchers to stay clear so N'kisi's amazing use of language is not really being studied.

I'm talking about N'kisi because he is so cute! You can find audio of him online but this transcript of a conversation between N'kisi and Morgana is just too adorable for words:

N'Kisi: "Remember, we went in a car"
Aimee: "Yes! Did you like it?"
N'Kisi: "I like that - wanna go out in the car"
Aimee: "We can't, wo don't have a car now"
N'Kisi: "Wanna go in a car right now"
Aimee: "I'm sorry, we can't right now - maybe we can go again later"
N'kisi: "Why can't I go in a car now?"
Aimee: "Because we don't have one"
N'kisi: "Let's get a car"
Aimee: "No Kisi, we can't get a car now"
N'kisi: "I want a car"
Aimee: "I'm sorry, baby, not today"
N'kisi: "Hurry up, wanna go in a car. Remember? We were in a car"

Monday, December 10, 2007

Something in "The Mist"

Well, Steven King's "The Mist" has been made in to a movie. When I read "The Mist" (TM from now on) I thought two things:
1. What the fuck?! That's the ending? What? Shit!
2. If done right, it could be one of the greatest movies ever made.

TM is a novella that was really meant to be a movie. I knew if it was a movie that it would be done poorly thus ruining it but it actually was done okay. All in all, it was a decent, entertaining movie with a horrendusly shitty ending. The ending of the book is frustrating but really great and chilling when you think about it.

things that kept the movie from being even a fraction as great as it could have been:

1. not true enough to the book: it was much truer to the book than I expected but it could easilly have been even more so. They added some week stuff and took some other stuff out for no reason. Bunch of baloney.
2. special effects were week, they should have used puppets, ala "Alien" to make the monsters more realistic
3. The ending, they should have kept the original kickass ending and ditched the shitty ass new ending which is stupid, unscary and makes no sense whatsoever.

King gave the movie his "kosher" stamp which proves that he is a woman loving faggot whore.