Sunday, December 16, 2007

N'kisi the parrot

N'kisi is a parrot who has been taught by his owner, Aimee Morgana, to actually use language to communicate. Unlike most parrots who just repeat random shit N'kisi can actually hold a conversation.

Controversial researcher Rupert Sheldrake has run an experiment and concluded that N'kisi is mildly telepathic with Miss Morgana. Whether this is true or not the very fact that Sheldrake is associated with the bird has caused a lot of other researchers to stay clear so N'kisi's amazing use of language is not really being studied.

I'm talking about N'kisi because he is so cute! You can find audio of him online but this transcript of a conversation between N'kisi and Morgana is just too adorable for words:

N'Kisi: "Remember, we went in a car"
Aimee: "Yes! Did you like it?"
N'Kisi: "I like that - wanna go out in the car"
Aimee: "We can't, wo don't have a car now"
N'Kisi: "Wanna go in a car right now"
Aimee: "I'm sorry, we can't right now - maybe we can go again later"
N'kisi: "Why can't I go in a car now?"
Aimee: "Because we don't have one"
N'kisi: "Let's get a car"
Aimee: "No Kisi, we can't get a car now"
N'kisi: "I want a car"
Aimee: "I'm sorry, baby, not today"
N'kisi: "Hurry up, wanna go in a car. Remember? We were in a car"

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