Sunday, January 20, 2008

For the Ladies: How to Attract a Guy

MRA's are often just bitter men who have flopped at relationships and place their failures at the feet of women. One frequent complaint they will make is that Western women ignore "nice guys" like them and instead go with total jerks. On that I have two points:
1. It is a mostly a myth
2. If you really were a "nice guy" you wouldn't blame women for the fact that you haven't been able to find one. This complaint is a contradiction within itself.

Anywayz... I was thinking about this subject so I decided to look up advice on the internet for men looking to attract girls and for girls looking to attract guys. The advice for guys was pretty gay, often self contradictory and just not really accurate but the advice for girls was absolutely pitiful. The advice to girls is absolutely all over the place: act stupid, act smart, be slutty, be un-slutty, be nice, be mean, be confident, act helpless, be a flirt, be shy, etc.

Enough is enough. If you are a girl trying to figure out how to attract a guy there is only ONE thing you can do. And it is none of the above, none are even close. You have a crush on a guy who doesn't even notice you? This is what you can do:


That's right, nothing. If a guy is not feeling you there is absolutely nothing you can do to change that. Now if he is a gueniunely nice guy and he isn't out of your league then you can still get him by becoming friends with him and then maybe you can get him to develop an interest in you over time, but if you think there is a way you can dress, or act, or talk that will get an otherwise uninterested guy to fall for you... well, that isn't going to happen.

There, I saved you a lot of wasted time and aggravation. No need to thank me, charity is it's own reward.


Jake "The Myth" Smith said...

You don't think acting like a total slut works? I mean even I am willing to scrape the barrel for a sure-thing-skank. Or is this for relationships only?

Otis the Sweaty said...

I meant it for relationships, but even if it was just a one night stand, she can't look like the chick from Blossom. Unless the guy is ridiculously drunk.