Monday, July 7, 2008

The Lie of Black Feminism

Question: Is Feminism just for snooty white women or is it also for "women of color", particularly black women?

Answer: It is just for white women.

but wait a minute, aren't there black Feminists?

No. No, there are not.

We saw this in the Democratic primary. ALL white Feminists supported Hillary Clinton, who is seen by them as a Feminist icon. Did black women follow suit? No, of course they didn't, they supported Obama and frequently attacked Hillary supporters as entitled white girls who just didn't get it.

This is because whereas white Feminists see themselves first and foremost as women, black Feminists see themselves first and foremost as black. That means that it is impossible for a black woman to ever be a true Feminist, which means that Feminism really is exclusively for bitchy white women.

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Tired of being bored said...

Ever heard of bell hooks you ambling incompetent illiterate twat face?