Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Feminists are irresistable to men

Men just love feminist women. They aren't able to keep their hands off them, just ask any feminist!

There is a recurring theme amongst feminist bloggers about how men are always either groping or atleast hitting on them constantly. Personally I think this is baloney in most cases as girls tend to believe every guy is attracted to them and interpret every smile from a guy as reflecting sexual interest. Feminist live under the delusion that they are certifiable man magnets. Like this ho (my testerone fueled replies in bold):

[guys who randomly touch me...]
Stop. Just stop. This goes for you, Mr. Three-Sheets-to-the-Wind Chuck-Norris-Wannabe on US Airways to Cleveland, snatching my tiny cup of raspberry vinaigrette out of my hands to open it for me without a word,

What probably happened: he probably saw your pathetic attempts to open the can by yourself and grew frustrated, eventually opening it for you so he wouldn't have to listen to you fumbling around with it. I would also like to point out that he didn't actually touch you, he touched your soda can.

but especially for you, Pervfesser Dickhead, sitting next to me in Photoshop class today. Who said you could, I’d like to know? Class started two hours ago and you’re patting me on the shoulder like I'm your golden retriever? The cold stare you netted the first time you went there obviously wasn't enough for you, since you did it again and I had to ask you to stop. “Don’t touch you?” Yes. “I was just being friendly.” Well don't be. If that's being friendly, be unfriendly. I don’t know you, you don’t know me, you don’t know if I want your friendship (I don't), and I’m certainly not going to let you pat me at will throughout the next four hours. And I’m tired of being nice about it. I’m tired of acting apologetic and making up excuses. I’m tired of spending the rest of the class fending off the bruised aura emanating from your enormous ego. I’m tired of spending my lunch hour trying to imagine circumstances under which I would touch anyone I’d just met, male or female, the way you touched me, and coming up blank.

Alright, this guy was definately hitting on you. I misunderstood this the 1st time I read this, I thought she was a college student saying she was getting hit on by some dude of about the same age , and that didn't all seem to add up given that this chick is undoubtably unnatractive, why would a guy be hitting on her right off the bat? Now that I understand the ho is probably in her 30's and this dude is in his most likely 20years her senior it makes sense: older guys have a drastically reduced standard of beauty, particularly when it comes to younger women.

I don't think this guy's behavior is horrific, but it is innapropriate and abnoxious. Give the bitch her due.

I’m tired of trying to imagine what it must be like to go through life honestly believing that your hands belong anywhere you want to put them, such that you’re offended when you’re told they don’t. I’m tired of being reminded how much I am still a woman of this culture because I’m worrying about what I did to make you think it was okay—was I too nice? Did I smile too much? Should I not have responded when you made that comment about my shoes? Do you know what would happen if I touched you that way? I do—you’d think it was a come-on. So why is it that I am not supposed to suspect your motives? If I touched you, and you welcomed my attention, and I then said, “I was just being friendly,” do you know what you would call me? I do—a tease. If you didn’t welcome my attention, do you know what you would do the rest of the afternoon? I do—ignore me, pretend I didn’t exist, since nothing's scarier than an obviously desperate fat girl!

Oh shit, even this oreo eating whore even admits she's fat. I've never heard a feminist admit to having any flaws before.

But once again, I got to give this bitch some props. I never really thought about the point she is making here before. Before I swore off women completely, I would make comments to girls sitting next to me in class or something even when I wasn't attracted to them. Actually, if I thought she was attractive I'd be more likely to not say anything because I didn't want her to think I was hitting on her. I would certainly never put my hands on somebody I just met but for the first time I realized that there was no way for these girls to know that I wasn't trying to hit on them. Unlike the bitch writing this rant I don't see that as a sign of oppressive patriarchy but it is something I never thought of before. It also makes me think that maybe sometimes I thought girls were trying to flirt with me maybe they were just making conversation. Interesting.

So why is it that I’m being rude if I try to get on with the business of learning—which after all is what I paid to be there for—by trying to forget you’re sitting there, trying to stop steeling the right half of my body against further onslaughts from your direction? Why am I rude if I tell you not to touch me?

You're not and nobody would say you were. He might have his ego bruised but there no outside observer of the situation would view you as in the wrong. This whole situation has nothing whatsoever to do with sexism. The genders could easily be reversed. You are a dumb bitch.

Why is it that the woman is always wrong?Here’s a primer, dudes. You know how you’re so frustrated because you don’t know what to do about sexism and male privilege?

Sexism is a two way street you entitled whore, and there is no male privledge in the West ya dumb fucking harlot cunt.

Keep your frickin’ hands to yourself. And tell your buddies to do the same. Because if a woman wants you to touch her, she’ll let you know.

Is this a joke? She might let you know in suttle ways but 9x out of 10 she ain't gonna come out and say it. And who can blame her? Asking someone to touch or kiss you just is weird. Girls generally don't like being asked by guys if they can kiss them either, it sounds gay. If a girl asked me if she could kiss me I would be totally weirded out. This is day one stuff. Maybe it isn't right, but it is the way it is. This has nothing to do with sexism.

I can guarantee a woman you met in a Photoshop class two hours ago does not want you to touch her.* It's pretty easy not to touch women you don't know. You just don't touch women you don't know. But even if it's someone you do know, there’s an easy way to avoid all this unpleasantness--ask. Say, “Is it okay if I touch you?”**

No, no, no! Don't do that. You will weird the bitch out. If you aren't comfortable with touching without asking permission first then do not touch, I guess me and the writer agree on this. But under no circumstances do you ask somebody for permission to touch them, ever. Do not do it. This is the same for both genders and has nothing to do with sexism, again.

If she comes back with anything that isn’t, “Yes, please,”*** then back right the hell off without being a prick about it. You were wrong; act like it. Say, “Sorry,” and mean it, and don’t hold that grudge.

Fair enough, but that isn't how it is going to work most of the time. This is just human nature. Let's say a girl gets a "don't touch me" from a guy whose shoulder she patted. She is gonna feel rejected and resentful, even if she knows she shouldn't. This has nothing to do with sexism.

Even better, just wait until she touches you first.

Ah, now who's being sexist? Stupid bitch.

I’ve worked in the medical field for 15 years and I have never heard of anyone’s dick falling off from failing to make the first move. You can wait the hour or day or week or month it takes for her to feel comfortable enough to let you know, in completely unambiguous ways, that you’re welcome. It won’t kill you. Trust me. If you really object to being classed with the mugger/stalker/rapist du jour, then stop acting like him.

Patting a girl on the shoulder may not be classy or appropriate, but it can not be compared to the behavior of a stalker or rapist. Stupid bitch.

Stop demonstrating that you share his fundamental ideology. Women’s bodies, even our shoulders, hands, heads, hair, or other “harmless” parts, are NOT yours for the patting or squeezing or groping anytime you should feel the urge. If you don't have explicit permission, you DON'T HAVE PERMISSION

False. As almost any female on the planet can tell you.

, and we’re not wrong for explicitly demanding that you respect our bodily integrity. YOU’RE wrong for making that explicitness necessary.______*That’s why mommy always told you to say “Excuse me,” when you brush someone in the grocery store. Because in this culture it’s UNACCEPTABLE to put your hands all over strangers.**If it’s a romantic encounter I promise you that asking will only enhance the mood. ***

No it won't, just the opposite, but as someone who shuns women this doesn't really concern me so I'll just give it the ol' "whatever".

[end crappy article]

We see here just more of the same old feminine sense of entitlement. They are all that and men believe they own them and can touch them at will. Fuck you, women. You are all gay as shit.

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