Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More on Mangina Asswipe Steven King

The beautiful essay that I crafted below was inspired by reading some more feminist drivel by supreme douchebag woman-lover, Stephen King. In his fucking book Insomnia there is all this feminist bullshit. Well fuck all of that. Fuck Steven King and fuck women and fuck feminism. Fuck.

You may be able to gather that the little dipshit hack fuckwad has really gotten under my skin this time so I will tell you what made me so angry.

It starts with this really minor character bitch who has got bruises all on her face from her husband. King of course can't leave it at that, the last you hear from the uppity cunt King mentions "the fading bruises of the last beating a man woud ever give her...". Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck you Steven King.

Oh yeah, I can just feel the strength of this newly empowered womyn oozing from the pages. Any woman who feels so strong and empowered can come give that shit to me and see what I do to your fucking face. Listen to me you stupid bitches, you are not my fucking equal! I will fucking kick the shit out of you if you try that "independent" shit with me.

Why does this make me so mad? Because its bullshit. I'm tired of women babbling about how independent they are while hiding behind Big Sister's skirt. If you bitches didn't have Big Sister's Mangina slave-soldiers lets see how fucking independent you are. Dumb cunts. Fuck you. If you really are strong and independent you don't have to go out advertising it. You ever see a man brag about how "independent" he is? Of course not, because all men are de facto independent whereas all you are totally dependent on us, one way or another. Stupid twats. Fuck you. You want to be equal? Well you can start by acting like a man instead of a entitled twat fraud. By yourself a gun, learn Brazilian Ju Jitsu and get yourself a high paying job. Live your life and don't give people a bunch of bullshit about how "strong" you are. You act like this and we will give you your props, there are some legitimately tough women out there (see "Snoop" from HBO's The Wire), but they are usually one's who just try to be one of the guys and they are usually embraced and respected as such. There are no legitimately strong feminist though, just a buch of uppity harpy cunts.

There is more Stephen King I could complain about but I don't feel like it right now.

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