Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More gay ass women

Ms. Jared is a stupid cunt, let's go over the comments by other cunts to her gay article.

For background let's go over the general theme of the article. Aside from it's tone of feminine indignation and general gayness it makes a pretty good point. The article is basically to bash middle aged guys who go overseas to get some real hot piece of ass that is supposedly submissive and would otherwise be totally out of these guy's league. As y'all know the AWC opposes mail order brides but we also respect the right of men to pursue them if they so desire. We happen to think, however, that such guys are kinda pathetic and just plain stupid, because marriage in the West is a tool of Matriarchal oppression. But we strongly oppose MJ's feminazi thesis that men shouldn't be allowed to pursue women from overseas. Well, not really, but we do oppose the reason for which she opposes it.

The AWC might reconsider it's position on foreign brides just because they seem to be so offensive to women.

Anyway, she also rips into Hugo which I found interesting. Hugo apparently expressed some sympathy for these clowns (the one's in the Ukraine lookin' for a new ho) and MJ did not take to kindly to that at all. Upon further research I've discovered that Big H really isn't too popular with radfems online. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because while Hugo is a mangina, he isn't really a man hater. To his credit, he doesn't really seem to hate anyone or anything. This has earned him the wrath of many a feminist.

Anyway, as I indicated above the comments are more interesting then the article itself. Here we go!


When he "had" a touch of that entitlement? Hugo's track record hardly reflects that he's free of that men-get-firsties mentality.And even if he is, OK, he feels compassion for the creeps, he sympathizes with the sexists, he's down with the humanity of the woman-haters, we get it, we get it, we're renting a squadron of fifty-seven skywriting planes so we can write "we get it" in purple smoke over the entire eastern seaboard, for christ's sweet sake, WE GET IT, HUGO. More fury, less "why can't you see where the haters are coming from," please. God.
By Mary, at July 12, 2006 3:19 PM

Holy shit! Are you kidding me? Hugo as a misogynist? I mean, Jesus fuck! If she think's Hugo hates women then I guess so does literally every other man on earth. If even Hugo isn't a big enough mangina for this ho, then who is?

nuomena, i get that hugo explained why he feels compassion for the men and their so-called "loneliness and woundedness" but i think it's bullshit. i don't think the majority of those men are "lonely" or "wounded", i think they're assholes who are alone BECAUSE they're assholes.
By ms. jared, at July 12, 2006 3:42 PM

You go girl! Seriously, that was actually kind of an insightful comment. Funny and so true.

also, it just really rubbed me the wrong way that throughout that whole fucked up essay with the numerous examples of how heinous and disgusting these men are...
By ms. jared, at July 12, 2006 3:48 PM

These guys were a gang of cum-stains, no denying that, but I saw nothing in the article that indicates that they are evil incarnate. These fella's are just a bunch of inconsequential chumps. Ms. Jared's fury at them is really just anger at the fact that women aren't anything more than glorified sex objects. These guys are evil just cause they are trying to take advantage of a fact that every man knows.

Well, for the same reason I wouldn't call myself anti-racist if I made a POINT of making it WELL FUCKING KNOWN how much I cry over the plight of KKK members, Noumena. Because it's disingenuous and assy and, frankly, offensively stupid.I read this issue of Harper's on a plane, and got a number of funny looks as I worked through that article. Particularly the "watching the stock come in" line. God, I wish, I wish SO HARD, that it were as easy for me to make people feel small as it is for men like that. Maybe that's why I became a lawyer (lol obligatory "lawyers are evil" joke).
By Mary, at July 13, 2006 4:38 AM

Wow, this Mary chick sounds like quite the cunt. I like her line about how she wishes she could make men feel small the same way we can do to her. It just shows that these Empowered Womyn can't even take a verbal jab. When I was in college I put up a piece of looseleaf paper on a bulletin board in the Women's Studies center reading "Women are Glorified Birth Machines". Mary's hyper sensitivity gives me hope that my small action successfully caused atleast 1 woman pain. Keep up the good work boys!

You know, I never did get to feel like the beautiful princess, either--possibly because I was too busy being ABUSED BY MEN.If the most these guys have to complain about is that they're too repulsive to get poontang, I WANT TO HAVE THEIR FUCKIN LIVES.Whatever, "wife"-buyers; whatever, Hugo; whatever, patriarchy. Just whatever.
By Mary, at July 13, 2006 5:41 AM

Jesus. What a bitch.

Excellent post! And damn, I'm right there with you on the defending these creeps thing. Quite frankly I don't give a fuck if these guys had hard lives. I don't give a crap if they're poor, sad souls beneath a hard crusty shell. I, and many, many women, have experienced the sting of abuse from men. As a whole women take ALL of the bullshit from men and you know what? It's never an excuse for us to act out. Nobody ever says, "Well, she was molested as a child" when a woman sexually abuses a child. Yet, when men are the issue the rallying cry which is inevitably prefaced with the obligatory, "I'm not excusing his behavior" is often, "Well, he WAS abused as a child". This society is way too keen on letting men have reasons and excuses and it's utter bullshit. *sigh* Now I have to run back to the Den and do a little post about excuses hehe.
By Biting Beaver, at July 13, 2006 7:20 AM

BB is the chick who is famous for saying she wished she aborted her own son. As to what she said about women never having/making excuses, she is insanely wrong. I'm not going over this issue again, she is just a dumbass.

seriously! there is no excuse for these men to behave and think the way they do. like mary said, they're repulsive - that's why they're alone.i guess why hugo's post bothered me to the extent that it did is that i read the same article he read and i saw absolutely no trace of humanity or decency in any of the men. i came away angry and disgusted and outraged at the men who think women are for sale. that they can check our "use by" date like we're a carton of milk.

You are you dumb bitch! I'm against relationships with women but some guys who do want women are naturally going to want the highest quality available. As long as there are women who are willing to sell themselves (and there always will be) there will be men to buy them. Unfortunately for these Ukranian women, today we are living in a bit of a "buyer's market", heh-heh-heh.


Male Rights Network said...

She's a stupid whore alright. Her new entries are full of similar rubbish. She seems the perfect age to become a bitter, used up cunt at 37.

Where do you stand on the right to "free speech" that these feminist bloggers have?

I note that women/feminists succeeded in getting Mikeeusa's excellent blog closed down here:

Otis the Sweaty said...

I am for free speech for feminists.

I had no idea that Mikeusa got close down. That sucks.

Male Rights Network said...

Indeed Otis. They organised to complain en masse to Google that the blog was in breach of its Terms of Service. In one of Mike's final posts he pointed this out:

Hi everyone, today some women's rights activists have decided that my weblog here MUST be shutdown. As I type they are sending millions of furious emails to google demanding that this weblog be shut down because it is a hate site (yes I do _HATE_ feminists and women's rights supporters: I hate those who are against Men's Liberties).

Here's where the 'freedom fighters' are organising:

"Psycho on Blogspot-action needed

Mikeusa is a psycho on Blogspot. If you can stomach it, some of his posts are linked below.

I encourage everyone to take a minute to file a complaint. Be brief, polite, and factual. I can't imagine any way that he is not in violation of their TOS, as he is hateful, advocates rape, murder, and pedophilia. (just
one distasteful example)

'Is hateful material permitted on Blogger?'

Report abuse

Notice how it's posted on a website called "Democratic Underground". Democracy today means 'Rule by women' as democracy is a form of majority rule and modern democracy always demands women having the vote (since women are usually 52% or more of a population they always have the say in a modern democracy (and Men have, effectivly, none))"

A few days later he's offline. I'm sure the wimmin are wetting themselves with delight.

lucia vega said...

what would you say to you if you were a woman otis?

Otis the Sweaty said...

For starters I wouldn't write gay feminist articles