Saturday, October 6, 2007

Some Women I Admire

As a misogynist, a lot of people might expect that I would not admire any women. At most I might pretend to admire some more "traditional" women. That is not the case, here is a list that is by no means exhaustive:

1. My Mom: She is a successful attorney who regularly works 70+ hour weeks. Still manages to be a good mother (I have two siblings). When her career first began she was occasionally sexually harassed but just ignored it without turning in to a feminist cunt. I admire her more than anyone else in the world, male or female.

2. Queen Elizabeth: That bitch was a bad ass. She stared down the King of Spain and made England into a world power. Never became a feminist cunt.

3. Catherine the Great: More or less the same as Elizabeth, great ruler who expanded Russia's territory and influence. Also not an uppity feminist cunt.

4. Judit Polgar: Who? She is the world's greatest female chess player. She is one of the 10 best players in the world period. She humiliated Gary Kasparov in a tournament game in 1994 when he (probably the greatest player of all time) was reduced to cheating to win (i.e. he touched one piece but then moved another, once you touch a piece you have to move it, he denied doing this but was caught on tape, it was pathetic). She will never become world champion because, since she is a woman, she isn't good enough but she is still a damn good player. She broke Bobby Fischer's record for youngest player to ever become a Grandmaster when she was 15 (that record has since been shattered by many young men, I think the current record for youngest GM is 10yrs old). From day 1 she has refused to play in Women's only events but not because she is an uppity cunt but just because they would not provide her with any competition. Her older sister is not nearly as good but is much more uppity and is always talking about "bringing more women into chess" and how she suffered discrimination as a woman player. Judit, however, has never brought up her gender or whined about discrimination.

There are other women I admire but those are the big ones. I think this shows that I am not one of the "women should be seen, not heard" crowd (although such people are welcome in the AWC, we accept everyone who is anti-woman). A great deal of women, however, certainly should be seen and not heard, (or in some cases, not seen either), here is a very short list:

1. Christina Aguilera: Uppity cunt. Not bad looking though, high quality sex object.

2. Martha Burke: The ho who wanted to force Augusta National (where the "Master's" is played in golf) to allow women members. What a bitch.

3. Kim Gandy: Prez of NOW. 'Nuff said.


lucia vega said...

i think generally men hate women who think for themselves

Otis the Sweaty said...

then explain the 4 women who I said I admired

Billy said...

Unlike Lucia here who isn't thinking for herself but repeating feminist shaming tactics.