Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hello and Welcome to the Anti-Womens Coalition (AWC). As of now the AWC has only one member (me) but I think this blog can be a good way to get my message out and recruit new members and eventually become the premier Masculinist organization in the world. Such a lofty goal is surely a long way off but you have to start somewhere. (Insert cliched Chinese proverb here).

Let's begin with the AWC FAQ!

Q: What is the AWC's mission?
A: Well, there isn't just one, but I suppose the main mission is the same as that of all Men's Rights groups: the destruction of the Matriarchy and the liberation of men from female domination. I wanted to create this blog, however, because of several things I don't like about the Men's Movement itself. I want to steer the movement in a more radical and focussed direction.

Q: Hmm... I'm mildly interested now, what are your problems with the Men's Movement and what direction would you like to take it?
A: Basically, the Men's Movement is neither radical nor focussed enough. What do I mean? Well, the lack of radicalism I'm concerned with is primarilly the "soft" line taken visa vi women. In the Men's movement you will almost find statements like "we don't hate women, we hate feminism". I'm here to say, "fuck that". You cannot win a war in which you cannot even identify your enemy. Feminism is not the enemy, women are the enemy because ALL women are feminist. When you realise that women as a group need to be opposed, your strategy and tactics automatically shift and that leads to the "more focussed direction" I was talking about. The movement should have two goals: 1. To make laws that are favorable to men even if they hurt women and children 2. To encourage men to become independent from women. I am not ashamed to admit that I admire Feminism a great deal and see it as a model for Masculinism.

Q: Woah... all women are feminist? Are you sure?
A: All women: 1. Support alimony 2. Support Child Support 3. Support Family Courts unfair practices towards men 4. Support Domestic Violence laws which allow men to be thrown from their homes on the mere say so of a woman 5. Support women being able to make bullshit sexual harrassment suits 6. Support rape shield laws. 7. Support government money going to research for women's diseases 8. oppose laws creating draconian punishments for false rape accusations and paternity fraud (both should be mandatory life in prison).

Q: We can be sure you oppose those things?
A: Yes but so do all MRA's... atleast to a point. I oppose them absolutely. One issue I have with MRA's is over child custody. MRA's all agree men get shafted in family court but many of them don't advocate physical-joint custody because the inconvenience of such a life would not be in the best interest of the child. I say: fuck the goddamned child. We must take a page from the Feminist book here, just as Feminist worry exclusively about what is in women's best interest and ignore the rights of men and children; we need to exclusively worry about what is in men's best interest. Women's problems are not our problems.

Q: Well I'm a woman and I totally agree with everything you say, can I join up?
A: Sure, if you like. I'm not sure why you would want to join an organization that is opposed to your very sex, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Q: Is there any aspects of feminism you agree with?
A: Personally, yes. I support women's right to vote, own property, hold office, serve on juries, practice whatever proffession they wish, choose who and if they marry, get divorced, go to college, serve in the military, use contraception and terminate pregnancies. However I have no problem with men who oppose all of those things. I hate women and I don't care if they suffer, but I do believe they have rights, I just don't care if those rights get violated.

Q: You probably just can't get laid!
A: I'm sure I could (who couldn't?), but why would I want to? I hate women, I don't want anything to do with them.

That said, this criticism isn't that unfounded relating to many, maybe most, MRA's. Go to any MRA message board and you will find endless griping about how women go out with "bad boys" and eschew "nice guys" (presumably them). First of all, I do not know a single female that actively seeks out "bad boys", second of all even the most moderate feminist would (correctly) condemn such behavior as perpetuating Patriarchy. When Feminist criticize MRA's in this area it is one of many in which they are painfully correct about our movement. We have got a lot of house cleaning to do.

Q: Oh, so you are gay!
A: No, I'm not. But are you implying there is something wrong with being gay?

Q: You are just angry that you are losing some of your male priviledge! To bad bub, cause Feminism isn't going anywhere!
A: I have already made it clear I have no interest in having power over women so I don't really know what kind of priviledge you are talking about. And I really don't care whether the ideology of Feminism lives or dies, I just care that the Matriarchy that it has created dies. If you are implying that the Matriarchy is not going to be destroyed at the hands of men you are wrong. I have no interest in debating this. Our victory is inevitable.

Unfortunately, a lot of men in the movement do oppose Feminism becaause of what it has done to their status as heads of the family. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with men as the head of the house to some extent (generally speaking that is, there are certainly many exceptions) but a desire to turn back the clock is not a healthy basis for masculinism which should be about achieving male independence, not male dominance. Men who wish to turn back the clock do not anger me, and I embrace them in brothers in the stuggle against the matriarchy, but I do think that their ideology is archaic and is a bullseye for Feminists.

Q: You are hiding behind a computer you coward! If you said something like this to my face I'd kick your chauvinist ass!
A: No you wouldn't. You might try, but that would just result in me painting the sidewalk with your brains. You are used to men backing down to you because they fear the Feminist controlled courts, but I am one man who is willing to martyr himself if need be. Take your bully tactics elsewhere.

Q: If men are so great, how come they don't just roll back feminism?
A: Because the Matriarchy commands a force of 10's of millions of mangina slave-soldiers to deal with dissenters. Since this force is made up of men, it can not be defeated head on. (Were the Matriarchy to attempt to deploy females as its soldiers it would collapse overnight). Once men stop cooperating with the Matriarchy, your goose is cooked.

Q: Oh yeah, sure, I am just soooooo scared.
A: Yeah, I know you are. Women are horrible at hiding their emotions.

Q: Okay, we get your ideology, how do you plan to bring it about in the real world?
A: Great question! It must be done in phases:
1. Educate: Educate young men about the depth of the Matriarchal oppression they are facing. Spread hatred of women amongst men. Discourage men from enslaving themselves in relationships. Teaching men to be responsible and not knock girls up, thereby condemning themselves to (atleast) 18 years of child support. Teaching men that marriage (and even cohabitation) is a tool of Matriarchal oppression and that they must avoid it. We are doing this as we speak through word of mouth and mainly via the internet. So far we have had great success in raising conciousness of men's rights and hatred of women to all time highs amongst men in the West.
2. Withdrawl: Do not get married! Men must stop walking like lambs to the slaughter! Not marrying and not having children by themselves will weaken the Matriarchy more than any other action we can take. Marrying foreign women is not an acceptable alternative for marriage is slavery for men in the West no matter who they are married to. Foreign women will simply become feminist after awhile of living here. Also, any form of marriage promotes the Matriarchal myth that men need women. As of now one quarter of young men refuse to marry, the so called "marriage strike". We need to get that number up to at least 80 percent. (The remaining 20 percent would obviously consist of woman lovers who we can't help and don't want our help)
3. Infiltrate: Just like NOW controls the Democratic party, we in the men's movement must gain control of the Republican party. The AWC's very name makes it unable to fulfill such a role and a future umbrella group simply called the National Organization for Men could be very effective. We are in the opening stages of this phase of the campaign and have had some small successes, but nothing major.


lucia vega said...

i think underneath all the anti women hatred, you're actually quite a nice but unhappy young man who is a bit misguided. I don't think that about most MRA's, so thats a compliment.

Unlike most MRA members, you seem to actually feel things. Its a shame that men like you, get brainwashed into believing the rubbish macho man has to say.

I think that you just need to guide those feelings into the right directions. Women are not your enemy, we are more like you. Thats probably why you hate us so much.

Male Rights Network said...

Greetings Tommy,

Good to have you on the MRA blogging scene. Looking forward to your future posts.


Tommy Gunn said...

Fruit Cake,

I am not a nice guy, I just have an inexplicable soft spot for you.

You should know by now that the MRM has nothing to do with being macho. In fact, macho men tend to be the worlds biggest manginas.

Thank you for posting