Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Feminist Criticism of MRA's: MRA's are Whiny

Feminist often accuse MRA's of doing nothing but bitching and moaning. Feminist (probably due to their lack of a Y chromosome) are unable to see the truth, which is as follows:

1. Internet message boards are a place specifically designed for people to bitch and moan on. The teeth gnashing of MRA's on the internet is no more all there is to the movement than the feminist griping which is on Cunt liberation pages is all there is to the womyn's movement
2. Men, unlike women, actually have legitimate issues to complain about. We are facing government sanctioned discrimination, women on the other hand complain about the effects of their own inferiority. I am yet to see one example of government discrimination against women in the West. On the contrary, women are so inferior to men that they are always calling on the government to help improve their status, and that is the root of the problem we are facing today.
3. Men who do actually take means to resist the Matriarchy are always shrilly condemned by cunts as either being dangerous or loony. If you act you are a dangerous lunatic and if you complain you are just being a crybaby. The funny thing is that it isn't that women ignore the hypocrisy of such a stance, they are merely too stupid to see it.

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