Monday, September 17, 2007

Anti-Feminist Myth: Feminism Has Destroyed the Family

Feminism has not destroyed the family. I'm tired of hearing that it has.

By making DV laws, biased divorce courts and basically encouraging women to be total cunts, feminism has played a part in the weaking of the family in the West, but it is not the only or even the main reason for the decline of the family.

Let's examine the history and function of the family. Families in the past were necessary for survival. The family members supported eachother throughout their lives. People knew that when they got to old to work that they would need their children to fall back on. Families were needed in the pre-modern world.

As the world developed economically and technologically, that has changed. Many people would blame welfare and social security for the families demise, and while that is much closer to the truth than just yelling "Feminism!", it still misses the mark. If welfare/child support were eliminated it would not recreate the dependence women had on men and the dependence old people had family members in the past simply because the modern world has created so many options for women and the elderly. In a world where survival is based on hunting and fighting, women are basically useless except as human incubators and old people are entirely useless. But in a modernized society women are able to earn a living in many ways that don't require brawn (although obviously not as well as men can, because women are inferior to men mentally as well as physically, just not as dramatically). Similarly, if Social Security were eliminated people would not suddenly start popping out kids to care for them when they became old because modern economics have created a situation where people can essentially save up during their working years and live fairly comfortably until they head to that great old-folk's home in the sky.

Also commonly ignored is that the family is still an important part of our culture and it isn't going anywhere. The family is not as strong as it once was because of modernization but pretty much everybody has some form of family. When the Matriarchy collapses along with it's Nanny State apparatus, families will become healthier and happier (for the most part, to be fair a lot of families that should split up will no longer be able to because they will lack the support from "Big Sister") but people should not expect a return to an idealic 1950's scenerio that never existed in the real world anyway. Feminism sucks, women suck, but let's not blame them for everything.

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