Friday, April 4, 2008


anybody ever see this Showtime series called "Californication"

It stars David Duchovny playing the man he obviously wishes he was: a wiseass, womanizing writer. Sort of a dehydrated, grown up Holden Caufield on steroids. The guy is a jerk on the surface but also deep down loves the women in his life and all women in general. He is not a macho brute but at the same time is willing to throw down, particularly if the one of the women he loves are attacked or insulted. He's smart, witty, handsome (hell he's played by David Duchovny, don't get much more handsome than that, and I know that sounds gay) and masculine but in a "loveable", overgrown teenager way. And he is filthy rich, his fortune coming from his career as a brilliant writer. In short: he is the kind of guy that virtually every woman who isn't either a Feminist or a lezzie fantasizes about as their imaginary perfect guy.

The last part isn't meant to be an attack on woman but rather on Duchovny who obviously has based his whole fantasy alter ego on being the "perfect man" according to the standards of entitled bitchy women. But that is neither here nor there, I don't really give a shit about Duchovny's pathetic self image but I do give a shit about the "girl power" feminism that the show promotes.

First let me comment on the show, it is okay, not great, but okay. That said, on to the feminism of the show.

As I have explained in so many words before there are two main brands of feminism:

1. Strait feminism: these include everything from NOW to SCUM and make up over 25 percent of all Western women

2. Girl Power "kick butt" post-modern feminism: This category takes up about 70 percent of all women, and is much, much worse.

I have to go but will talk more about all of this later


Anonymous said...

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Male Rights Network said...

Nice explanation; Straight Feminism vs. Girl Power "kick butt" Post-modern Feminism.

The two terms I have are Intellectual Feminism vs. Digestible Feminism.

Otis the Sweaty said...

both versions are terrible

Brendan McLaughlin said...

This guy doesn't pull any punches. I don't agree with everything he says, but the same goes for Jesus. For a meditative take on Duchovny's sex addiction, I recommend

ravi said...

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