Monday, December 8, 2008

Manginas are worse

I have decided that manginas are worse than Feminists. I used to believe the opposite but a recent comment on feministing has turned me towards believing that manginas are actually even more obnoxious.

Okay, here's the deal: Feministing had a post complaining about this company that was offering a set of "brands" for meat products reading "Dad" and "Son". The idea is that I guess if a father and son are cooking out that they can use the branding irons to mark which piece of steak is theirs.

Now, granted, this is an incredibly stupid idea for a product but that wasn't Feministing's problem with it. No, they found it sexist because it implied that eating meat was manly and by not having an identical mother/daughter pair of brands the makers of the product were saying that women didn't really like steak and generally preferred vegetables.

But anyway, the real problem was in the comments section where this one mangina who never shuts up about his now 2 year old daughter said something like this, "I can imagine my daughter coming home from Brazillian Ju Jitsu practice when she is 13, wiping her sweat off with her Gi and saying, 'Give me the piece that's still bleeding'"

Here are the issues I have with his statement:
1. The phrase is "still breathing" you fucking dumbass. Not "still bleeding". You say you want your meat still breathing to indicate that it is so rare, you haven't even cooked it yet. What the hell could "still bleeding" possibly mean? Frickin' idiot. Only a total pussy mangina could make a mistake like that.
2. I don't give a shit how much BJJ your whore daughter takes, my skinny, couch potato ass will still be able to kick the living shit out of her and 99.9% of all women with one hand tied behind my back. This guy clearly wants his daughter to take BJJ so she can hold her own physically with guys but that will never happen. It's bad enough we have to put up with women claiming that they are our mental equals, but now we have people claiming that they are our physical equals too.

I read a lot of Feminist writing and they all uniformilly suck, but manginas like this one piss me off the most. And also, when you think about it, Feminists by themselves have never done any actual damage. It has all been done by their mangina allies.


J. Goff said...
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L said...

Since you brought up insecurities, your "war against women" as you call it reveals many about you. And your catering to male opinion in an anti-woman way makes your hetero creds, well, questionable.

You sure you're not a closet 'mo?